pANdADDY is the creative production company, owned by Eymert van Manen and Eric Holman. Having a complementary background as marketing consultants in the entertainment business their specialty is that together they understand and know both sides: the creative potential of the artist, as well as the marketing valueof a show, as well as a great insight where revenue and income of a project can be generated from (the audience, commercial sponsoring, and private and public subsidies).

pANdADDY is specialized in the production and marketing of innovative entertainment concepts ranging from music, theatre, concerts and festivals. An important sideline of pANdADDY is the socio-cultural relevance of it’s ventures, and by consequence it’s experience in cultural funding.

Together Eymert van Manen and Eric Holman worked for companies like Heineken, Dutch Railways, Volkswagen, Douwe Egberts (the national Dutch coffeebrand), and on the other hand with many artists ranging from (inter)national popartists, comedians and musicalstar.